Friday, December 4, 2009

First year of softball!

Landon started her first year of softball this year with T-Ball at East Montgomery. We started 1 year later than we should have because we were in dance with Tonya Speed's last year and had recitals to get ready for. We signed up with Scott's name down as an assistant coach if need be however we were talked into him being a head coach and also sponsoring the team so we ended up with Scott as the head coach and his dad as the assistant coach and myself as TEAM MOM! I loved it. I preferred the name DUGOUT MOM! I got to pick out our uniform colors and of course I chose Pink! So there we were involved in tball for the first time in pink as Jones Tire! I loved being in the dugout and rounding up my precious little girls by putting on their helmets, fixing their ponytails, getting their water bottles together, putting their bags up and getting their bats and gloves ready to go. Landon loved playing softball. She told Scott one day, "Daddy do you know why I love tball so much?" and he said, "Why?" and she said, "because you are my coach!". I truly believe this melted his heart. We cannot wait until the season starts again in 2010!

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