Friday, December 4, 2009

Ryleigh's 4th Birthday Party!

Ryleigh is the daughter of our friend's Adam & Ashley Miller. Landon and Ryleigh are like best friends. Ryleigh celebrated her 4th birthday at Pump It Up this past weekend. We had a blast.

Thanksgiving 2009!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. I am always excited to know I am going to my Mamaw & Papaw's house to eat my Mamaw's delicious home cooking. I love being around my family as well, especially my daughter Landon, my nephew Haggan & my niece's Carrington & Braelynne. Enjoy the pictures!

Trixie "Baby" Jones

We got a new puppy on November 1st, 2009. Scott and I drove to Gadsden, AL to pick her up the morning after Halloween. We named her Trixie after Trick or Treat. Landon also named her Baby. We just had to have Trixie. I found her on the website from a rat terrier breeder in Georgia. Our first rat terrier was named Princess and she was almost 4 years old and was attacked by a pitbull in our front yard in October which killed her. This was very devastating to us and we had no idea there was a pitbull that lived two doors up from us. Princess was Landon's first puppy we bought for her on Valentine's Day when she was 3 years old. Scott's parents had Princess cremated for Landon. At first we weren't going to get another puppy however not having Princess around put a major void in our house so we just had to go get Trixie. Trixie is so spoiled that not only has Grandmama Nancy helped raise our kids on a daily basis but she is also babysitting Trixie during the day while we are at work and school.

Finally losing our teeth!

Most kids start losing their teeth in Kindergarten but not Landon. Landon never got to get on the board in Kindergarten for losing her teeth like all the other kids, however once it started this year it hasn't stopped. Anna helped her pull her first bottom tooth and as soon as she saw the blood she got hysterical. When she lost her first tooth Scott was out of town at Thunder Beach so he went to this little shop at the beach and found this cute tooth holder for the tooth fairy in the shape of a big tooth that glows in the dark. What a sweet Daddy! Landon's 2nd tooth to lose was a top tooth and she let this thing dangle forever until Halloween night it just needed to come out. We wiggled on it forever and she was screaming crying and spitting out blood everywhere and kept saying "why does this have to happen to me"! I was finally able to pull the top tooth when she went to sleep that night. Her 3rd tooth to lose I accidentally snatched it out and she freaked. Here are a couple of pictures to share from this experience.


I see the perfect little Auburn cheerleader in this picture. This is a close up of Landon in a stunt in her Auburn tshirt. Landon wants to be an Auburn cheerleader. I guess only time will tell! WAR EAGLE!

EM Seminoles Cheer!

This was Landon's first year as a cheerleader with the East Montgomery Seminoles. I coached in this league for 3 years and then took a 2 year break before Landon could cheer. I helped my friend Kyla coach and so did my sister Anna. I have always loved cheer and never been nervous about it until my little girl started being put in the air! The motherly nerves kicked in and I was so nervous for my baby to be dropped to the ground. She did wonderful. Landon is just like her Momma and loves to cheer. My favorite part about cheerleading is cheer competitions so it was so exciting for me to see Landon perform in a cheer competition however I was also nervous and in tears because I was so excited and I didn't want my baby to drop. The girls did AWESOME! It is so weird to see what all 6 & 7 year olds can do. Go NOLES!

Beach 2009!

We love to go to the beach! Scott's parents have a place in Panama City across from Club La Vela. It's so nice to have a place to stay at the beach and we can go anytime we like. Landon LOVES the beach. She was never once of those children that didn't like the sand or runs straight to the water to dive in...she will sit under the umbrella and play with her sand toys and buckets of water for hours. Because of cheer & football starting in August this year the last time we were able to go to the beach was the end of July and we miss it so much. We hope to go for New Year's Eve.

I love my sister, I love her so friggin much!

We go together like peas and carrots! It's shake and bake time!

My niece Carrington!

She is too cute not to share! I love her very much. Carrington is the daughter of my youngest sister Anna. Anna and I are very close so I feel as though Carrington is like my 2nd child. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

The 1st Grade!

Landon started the 1st grade this year and boy was it a rough start! Landon attends Bear Exploration Center. She went to Kindergarten there and that transition was much easier than this year. The first week of school was great but come the second week I believed the work load was getting to her. She cried every morning and the teachers would have to take her from me. I had never had this much trouble even with K3 and K4. As a mother it broke me down emotionally on a daily basis. I knew that she didn't feel good so I figured this was also the reason but every time I took her to the doctor they would just tell me she had a viral infection and to send her to school with Tylenol. We went through 3 doctor's visits in 2 weeks of the first 3 weeks of school. I knew something was wrong with my child other than school however the doctor was saying she was fine. I had to push myself to take her to school every morning with Tylenol in her system and crying with me knowing something else was wrong but I didn't know what to do. Well almost 3 weeks later what do you think happened?...she ended up with 103 temp almost passed out in the doctor's office on a Saturday morning and what did she have? SWINE FLU! My poor baby had been battling this all along. Once she got over this illness...WE LOVE 1ST GRADE!!! YAY! I was so relieved.

First year of softball!

Landon started her first year of softball this year with T-Ball at East Montgomery. We started 1 year later than we should have because we were in dance with Tonya Speed's last year and had recitals to get ready for. We signed up with Scott's name down as an assistant coach if need be however we were talked into him being a head coach and also sponsoring the team so we ended up with Scott as the head coach and his dad as the assistant coach and myself as TEAM MOM! I loved it. I preferred the name DUGOUT MOM! I got to pick out our uniform colors and of course I chose Pink! So there we were involved in tball for the first time in pink as Jones Tire! I loved being in the dugout and rounding up my precious little girls by putting on their helmets, fixing their ponytails, getting their water bottles together, putting their bags up and getting their bats and gloves ready to go. Landon loved playing softball. She told Scott one day, "Daddy do you know why I love tball so much?" and he said, "Why?" and she said, "because you are my coach!". I truly believe this melted his heart. We cannot wait until the season starts again in 2010!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few friends of mine have blogs so I thought I would check this site out.