Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally losing our teeth!

Most kids start losing their teeth in Kindergarten but not Landon. Landon never got to get on the board in Kindergarten for losing her teeth like all the other kids, however once it started this year it hasn't stopped. Anna helped her pull her first bottom tooth and as soon as she saw the blood she got hysterical. When she lost her first tooth Scott was out of town at Thunder Beach so he went to this little shop at the beach and found this cute tooth holder for the tooth fairy in the shape of a big tooth that glows in the dark. What a sweet Daddy! Landon's 2nd tooth to lose was a top tooth and she let this thing dangle forever until Halloween night it just needed to come out. We wiggled on it forever and she was screaming crying and spitting out blood everywhere and kept saying "why does this have to happen to me"! I was finally able to pull the top tooth when she went to sleep that night. Her 3rd tooth to lose I accidentally snatched it out and she freaked. Here are a couple of pictures to share from this experience.

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