Friday, December 4, 2009

EM Seminoles Cheer!

This was Landon's first year as a cheerleader with the East Montgomery Seminoles. I coached in this league for 3 years and then took a 2 year break before Landon could cheer. I helped my friend Kyla coach and so did my sister Anna. I have always loved cheer and never been nervous about it until my little girl started being put in the air! The motherly nerves kicked in and I was so nervous for my baby to be dropped to the ground. She did wonderful. Landon is just like her Momma and loves to cheer. My favorite part about cheerleading is cheer competitions so it was so exciting for me to see Landon perform in a cheer competition however I was also nervous and in tears because I was so excited and I didn't want my baby to drop. The girls did AWESOME! It is so weird to see what all 6 & 7 year olds can do. Go NOLES!

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